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Continuous Assistance Rehabilitation & Education

Individuals with severe and persistent mental illness may need outside support and assistance in the community in order to achieve recovery in their lives. CARE services are provided by a team of case managers who reach out to individuals mainly in their homes or a community setting. Recovery plans and treatment are individualized. Individuals wanting CARE services are able to live anywhere within the seven-county service area.

This program stresses outreach to clients, community support services, and the provision of services according to the individual client's needs. Each client is assigned a case manager who, with the active participation of the client, designs an individualized treatment plan outlining the various services which will be provided to reach individualized treatment goals.

Examples of services provided are:

  • Case Management

  • Medical Monitoring

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Housing assistance

  • Linkage to appropriate community services

  • Educational groups

  • Social Interaction

CARE services recognize that persons entering services have unique strengths and challenges.
Therefore, CARE services are designed to encourage persons to build up their physical, emotional, and intellectual skills.
These skills are intertwined with the persons developing happy, healthy, and productive lives in their community environment.

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