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LCBHS's CARE Club serves adults (age 18 and over) who live and cope with mental illness.

CARE Club's focus is on the strengths and abilities of members, not on their illnesses. CARE Club is a member-driven program and all participation in CARE Club is strictly on a voluntary basis.

The core values of CARE Club are to provide a safe and welcoming place for members to come, regardless of current severity of symptoms, to provide opportunities and ownership in the program, and to help facilitate meaningful relationships between members and CARE staff.

Primary Goals of CARE Club are:

  • To provide rehabilitative services in an environment that focuses on peers supporting each other and optimizes the talents of members.

  • To promote recovery-oriented goals while also emphasizing choice, respect, and opportunities for all members in achieving their goals.

  • To help members succeed in the community and reduce the need for more intensive treatment.

  • To provide members with the skills to feel more confident in being full participants in our local community.

  • To provide a warm, welcoming place for members to come despite the current severity of their illness, or their current ability to cope effectively with their illness.

  • To provide opportunities for members to take leadership roles, contribute to the successful day-to-day operations of CARE Club, and develop job skills in a natural work setting.

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